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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the doodle “generations”?

F1 – This is a first generation cross, with one parent being a Labrador retriever (or golden retriever) and the other a poodle. The F1 doodle is 50% lab and 50% poodle. Coats are typically low to moderate shedding and are better for homes with only slight/moderate allergies. They tend to be shaggy/wavy coats but can occasionally be curly. The F1 doodle possesses the marked intelligence, loving and devoted demeanor and allergy friendly qualities that make doodles so popular.


F1b – This is the result of a cross between an F1 doodle and a poodle. Pups are 25% lab and 75% poodle. This generation has become very popular as they are most often non shedding and allergy friendly. They are a good option for families with moderate to severe allergies. F1b dogs show a greater variety of coat type, from long and wavy to short and curly. They also come in a great variety of colors.

F1BB – This is the result of a cross between an F1b doodle and a poodle. Pups are approximately 85% poodle. The backcross (F1BB) Labradoodle is produced by crossing an F1B Labradoodle with a Poodle (non-related of course). F1BB Labradoodle will have the higher success rate for non-shedding and are recommended for families with severe allergies. The F1BB Labradoodle is approximately 85% Poodle which makes this generation the absolute most hypo-allergenic of all the doodle generations we breed. F1BB Labradoodles can have beautiful, loose wavy to curly plush coats. 


F2b and Multigenerational doodles – These dogs are the results of crosses between two labradoodles. F2b dogs result from the cross of an F1 and an F1b dog while multigenerational dogs result from the crosses of two F1b or higher generation dogs. These dogs work well for families with moderate to severe allergies as they are generally non shedding and allergy friendly. Coat types vary as they do with the F1b generation.

Do doodles shed?

Some doodles shed lightly to moderately. About 1/2 of all doodles are non-shedding. F1 doodles are more likely to shed than F1b. F1bb, or multigenerational doodles.


How large will my doodle get?

Our Labradoodles are standard size and will range from 50 pounds to around 75 pounds on average. This can vary, of course, so a good way to determine your puppy's likely adult size is to add the weights of the parents together and divide by two. Our Aussiedoodles are a little smaller and will range between 45-60 pounds on average.


What is a doodle lifespan?

The average lifespan is 15 years.


How much grooming is required?

Grooming needs can vary greatly because Doodle coat types also vary greatly. Depending on the coat type you choose, grooming needs can range from a daily once over with a brush to bi-monthly trips to the groomer for trims. Below are the different coat options and their grooming requirements:


Hair coats: This coat type is most frequently seen in F1 as well as in some F1b and F2b doodles. It can be straight and soft or wiry in texture and sheds in varying degrees. It’s is the least allergy friendly but also the easiest to maintain as it will not require regular trips to the groomer. This coat can easily be maintained with regular baths and brushing.

Fleece Coats: This coat type has a soft texture and is more allergy friendly. It is most often seen in F1b – multigen dogs though it can also be found in F1 dogs. It normally has a straight/wavy or spiraling curly look and is fairly easy to maintain with regular brushing. Fleece coats are typically low to non-shedding and work well for families with mild to moderate allergies.

Wool coats: This coat type is similar to that of the poodle. It is the most allergy friendly and works well for those with moderate to severe allergies. The wool coat is non-shedding and curly, requiring regular grooming to keep it in good shape. This coat is found most often in F1b, F1bb, and multigen dogs.


What temperament does a doodle have?

Doodles are friendly, eager to please, very intelligent, and easily trained. They are great with children, but do not make great guard dogs.


How much exercise do doodles need?

A doodle needs daily walks and room to run. Due to their lineage of sporting dog breeds with both parent being water retrievers, the doodle is very athletic and can be quite energetic. 



“Our experience with Lulu and Yvette were nothing short of great. From the moment we discovered the pups, Lulu FaceTimed me so I could meet them having lived out of state. Up until we were able to get our puppy, Lulu sent weekly updates. The process to have our puppy being flown to us was seamless and easy (and very much appreciated!). Our Emmy has been kind, gentle, social butterfly, smart, healthy, strong eater, great sleeper and everything we could want in our first puppy. We are forever grateful for Lulu and her family for allowing us the opportunity to have an amazing puppy in our lives.”

-Kevin & Lindsay


“Lulu’s Doodles was AMAZING from start to finish! We live out of state and Lulu and family were so great. They sent videos, texts, etc to keep me in the loop. And our Poppy was the best decision we’ve ever made. Such a fun, spunky, and loving breed! Poppy is healthy, smart, and gorgeous with an amazing disposition. Purchasing a doodle from Lulu is the best decision! We will be back to buy another when the timing is right. Highly recommend this breeder!”

-Williams Family

“We were so pleased to work with Lulu’s Doodles. We had a great experience from the start, as our number one request was to see the puppies in person. We got to pick out our sweet Coco and meet Bingo and Bea (Coco’s parents). The Ashley family answered all of our questions and made us feel so comfortable. It was great to see the puppies in their environment and to know they were well taken care of. Coco has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is a beautiful dog! Thank you to Lulu’s Doodles for giving us such a great experience on our first family puppy!”

-Coffey Family

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